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Kuchnir Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery is an academically inspired private practice.  Founded by Dr. Kuchnir in 2001 to provide expert dermatologic care for patients in the suburbs west of Boston.  The central mission of the practice will always be to provide excellent dermatologic consultation for the benefit of this community.

Our dermatologists work closely with primary care physicians, other specialists, and subspecialized dermatologists to ensure teamwork and continuity of care. Each of our clinicians is an expert in diagnosis as well as medical and surgical treatment of all diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. We often perform diagnostic testing in the office at the same visit. When necessary, we can conveniently arrange for prompt surgical treatment, including Mohs micrographic surgery.  We can also provide extensive patch testing in our Contact Dermatitis Clinic.

The academic mission of the practice exposes our medical students and residents to scientific and practical approaches to dermatology. Our dermatologists give several lectures each year to enhance the dermatology component of our training programs. Our dermatologists have contributed over fifty years as faculty of the Harvard, BostonU, UMass, and Tufts Medical Schools.

Our doctors have mentored hundreds of future physicians in our highly respected GapYear Program in Dermatology.  Established by Dr. Kuchnir in 2011, these outstanding young people are currently medical students and residents across the United States.

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