KDDS Gap Year Program

Kuchnir Dermatology has successfully employed more than two hundred of the country’s best future physicians to spend a bridge year between college and medical school working as Clinical Assistants.  Over ninety of these students have completed the program and have gone on to attend medical school at Harvard, UCSF, JohnsHopkins, WashU, UChicago, Northwestern, UMichigan, Dartmouth, UIllinois, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, UMass, BostonU, Tufts, UCLA, UCSD, USC, UTSW, Wake Forest, and many others.  Fifty-one are current employees since graduating in the spring of 2019.  We offer both one-year (14-month) and two-year (26-month) options.  Mentorship with attending clinicians is the centerpiece of the experience at KDDS' locations and at affiliated clinics in Massachusetts and several other states (MA, NY, CT, IL, MO, VA, FL, CO, ND, & CA.) 

Patient Care Experience

More Opportunities

This patient engagement opportunity is designed to be of high educational value for any premedical student committed to our profession. Future physicians are able to experience unique opportunities such as attending medical conferences with our doctors; learning from advanced peer mentors (medical students and residents); and establishing strong mentor relationships with one of our clinicians. Seminars are held to supplement the educational experience and have included private tours at university laboratories, case studies with sub-specialized dermatologists, as well as seminars and clinical skills practicals hosted by our own doctors. Meetings have also included excursions to world-class biotech companies for a first hand view of their cutting edge research. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and are welcome to organize their own seminars with guidance from Dr. Kuchnir.


As a "Doctor Assistant", students have the opportunity to develop strong interpersonal skills in patient care by coordinating care, interviewing, scribing, and assisting in basic procedures.  An excellent clinical-based experience, students gain a well-rounded understanding of the health care system by working with providers who deliver high-quality patient care, learning the importance of clerical tasks, and attending educational events such as lectures and conferences. The environment of a private practice encourages students to create strong mentoring relationships with their providers, who are motivated to assist students through the medical school process and teach them about patient care.

How to Apply

Successful candidates will have graduated from a four-year university with all premedical requirements satisfied. Intention to matriculate in an MD or MD-PhD program after of the fourteen or twenty-six month's tenure is required. Submission of MCAT scores is not required, but greatly appreciated.

In early 2020, we will offer on-campus interviews at Harvard, Yale, MIT, BC, Cornell, URochester, JohnsHopkins, Duke, Emory, UChicago, Northwestern, and WashU.  However, highly qualified candidates from any college are invited to apply. To apply, please check your school's student portal. If an online job posting is not available at your school, be sure to submit a cover letter and one-page resume to Dr. Kuchnir at gapyearkdds@gmail.com or via US mail to: 11 Apex Drive #103A, Marlborough, MA 01752.

If you do not hear back within two days, please follow-up with us.  Highly motivated candidates can arrange a phone call with Dr. Kuchnir by contacting Kuchnir Dermatology directly.  We are so pleased that you are considering joining us during this important bridge year! 

For a complete description of the inception and philosophy of our Gap Year Program, please click Gap Year Program Description.

For a copy of the brochure, click Gap Year Program Brochure.

Interview from July 2015 issue of DermWorld.  (DermWorld is distributed monthly to all AAD members.)

Article from the Fall 2015 issue of Outlook.  (Outlook is distributed quarterly to all WashU Medical Alumni.)

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